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Turmeric Powder


Turmeric Powder

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Turmeric is an old Indian spice with a powerful medicinal compound called Curcumin.Buy Best Turmeric Powder online from Ramdev Store.

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Turmeric is a fruit that resembles Saffron” noted Marco Polo. Its dried root gives flavour and a golden yellow colour to many Indian dishes. Ramdev Turmeric Powder is manufactured from one of the finest quality ‘spotless’ Turmeric from select Indian farms, twice polished to enhance taste, colour and flavour.

Haldi powder has many benefits. Apart from adding a rich, gold colour to the food, Haldi powder provides numerous health benefits too. You can buy turmeric powder online at reasonable prices. Turmeric is a yellow spice powder which is made from dry turmeric. Apart from using it in food, turmeric powder is consumed in milk as well. Haldi milk is best to boost immunity. You can use turmeric powder for home-based beauty treatments also.

In India, turmeric has been known and appreciated for more than 4000 years where it is used in cooking, during religious ceremonies, and in many home remedies. It grows in Southeast Asia where people prefer to cook it fresh, especially in Thai cuisine. In Thailand, it is grated and cooked in soup, fried food, snack, and dessert. In eastern Indonesia, it is used to prepare stews and curries.

Its properties are universally recognized, so much so that its rhizome is marketed all over the world and it is now cultivated in India, Africa, tropical Asia, Jamaica, and the West Indies. 

Ramdev Turmeric powder, which stands out for its beautiful orange color, is an exceptional spice.

Its high nutritional value is partly due to its content of curcumin, a very powerful active ingredient. Many other active molecules participate in the virtues and properties of this extraordinary spice. This is why people all over India prefer to buy Ramdev Turmeric powder online.

In cooking, the rhizome (underground part of the plant) is dried and then reduced to powder to form a spice. Shop for Ramdev Turmeric powder and bring home the flavour and original haldi color.

Turmeric Powder Uses

Ramdev Turmeric powder brings color and flavor to many curries, stir-fries, vegetables, sauces, stews, drinks, and even desserts.

It is used in particular as a coloring agent for drinks, sauces, mustards, butter, and even cheeses. Used in small doses, it colors without necessarily giving off-flavor.

Ideally, our customers buy Ramdev Turmeric powder online and use it in daily cooking, and as a part of home remedies as well as to restore the beauty of the skin. It is ideally mixed with black pepper and ginger to get more health benefits. Mixing it with vegetable oil or ghee facilitates its absorption.

Turmeric Powder Health benefits

Since Ramdev Turmeric powder is available in its purest form, it is often used as a home remedy to stop bleeding due to cuts or bruises.

Turmeric stands out as one of the most powerful antioxidant plants in the world due to the presence of curcumin and curcuminoids in its composition. The essential oils and curcumin also make it a powerful medicinal powder.

In addition, turmeric contains vitamins (C, E, K, B1, B2), including vitamin B6 in large quantities, but also many minerals. These are zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, and potassium. This is one more reason you must buy Ramdev Turmeric powder online.

Main health benefits of Ramdev Turmeric Powder

  • Powerful natural anti-inflammatory
  • Contributes to the protection of the joints
  • Improves digestive comfort
  • Maintain liver health and facilitate fat loss
  • Antioxidant properties to fight against oxidative stress
  • Contributes to a good nervous balance
  • Helps limit the accumulation of fat

Why Choose Ramdev Products?

At Ramdev, delivering quality is the priority.

The manufacturing plant sets the standards in the best manufacturing processes, practices and capacity to match the expectations globally. Every process from procurement to packing takes place under stringent quality standards by the quality control experts, using the best of technology accepted worldwide. We have Range of spices products including chilli powder, premium spices, coriander powder, Strong Hing Powder and more.

This has won the organization the ISO 22000 certification – for best food safety standards.

Through their products, Ramdev believes in ‘reaching a customer’s heart through quality’. This is why Ramdev Turmeric Powder is one of the best products globally.

Turmeric Powder Recipes:

Some Ramdev turmeric-based recipes are also very popular, such as golden milk or haldi latte. This is very simple to prepare, healthy and tasty which allows you to benefit from all the properties of this spice. The haldi latte is a delicious elixir to be enjoyed hot and which has a miraculous effect on our mood and our health.

Shop Ramdev Turmeric powder and make a simple brew for digestion. Just mix a tablespoon of powdered turmeric and a pinch of black pepper to a cup of simmering water. Let steep for 10 minutes before filtering and consuming. Two cups a day are recommended. This infusion stimulates the immune system, detoxifies, and, drinking it in the morning, will give you energy for the whole day.

Turmeric Powder
Nutritional Information (Approx.) Per 100g
Calories 352.97 Kcal
Total Fat 3.89 g
Saturated Fat 3.49 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0.24 g
Monounsaturated Fat 0.15 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 85 mg
Total Carbohydrate 72.60 g
Dietary Fibre 19.82 g
Sugars 0 g
Protein 6.89 g
Vitamin A 2.70 µg
Vitamin C 14.02 mg
Calcium 146 mg
Iron 32.57 mg